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We are the go to beauty and wellness discovery platform that connects salons, barber shops, stylists and professionals providing beauty and other health and wellness services and products with clients seeking such services and products.

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Get nearby parlours

We onboard salons, barber shops, spas and cosmetic shops around you so that it is easy to discover nearby parlours by just searching. Clients will provide their location and consequently be provided with parlours around them. Users can peek inside every beauty parlour using style/photo galleries posted by the parlour,get familiar with a specific salon’s offer with our detailed service overviews & get instant info on prices and location.They can then just choose the parlour that tickles their fancy :)

Share your location

If there are no parlours around you, what we do is ask you to provide us with your location, budget and what kind of services you are looking for in order for us to find for you the best parlour in your location and make a booking for you.

How to book a service

Parlours provide services for booking. We have organized these services in categories such as hair, nail, tattoo, spa, makeups e.t.c for easy searching. Apart from that, clients have the freedom of comparing costs, duration and quality of a service from different salons.Salons are asked to showcase their previous works on each service by uploading photos of the same.It is these photos and reviews from previous bookers that users can use to gauge quality of service.

Booking is easy, after selecting a preferred service, a client just adds an appointment date and time and an optional voucher code.

We will inform the salon of the requested appointment for them to confirm their availability.

After confirmation, we ask the client to pay via M-PESA. The payment is held in our pool until the service is completed.

After completion of the service, we release the money to the salon wallet and award the client service points that they can redeem for future services. Users are requested to review and rate the service and post their style so as to help future users :)

Ask for stylist at your office or home (Home / Concierge Services)

We provide the convenience of clients asking for stylists either from a particular salon or freelancers to render their services at their place of work or home

For services that have mobility, during booking the client can request the stylist to render the service at their chosen location.The cost for this will be higher than on premises one though due to transport costs.

Plan for the future

Our e-wallet allows clients to credit their wallet via M-PESA before they make bookings.This cushions their beauty budget from potential threats like impulse buying:). This is convenient because then they can always book a service at any time of the month without the worry of looking for money for these services.

For example, a client can have a monthly budget plan of Ksh. 4500. The client can then decide to credit this amount on their wallet at the beginning of the month. In future or later in the month, they can decide to book services with the money from their wallet.

Share your budget

Can’t find a service that speaks to your style? or within your budget? No worries... Share with us your style and budget and we will find a service and parlour withinyour specified budget on your behalf. We will even make the booking for you. All you have to do is just show up!

Receive a Gift

Friends and family can send a client gifts in terms of vouchers to help them pay for a service.The sender is allowed to attach a customized personal message to the gift.

So for example, a client’s friend can decide to send them a gift hamper worth Ksh. 5000. After accepting the gift, the client can then use the gift to pay for services they prefer.

Order cosmetics

Salons/shops also sell cosmetic products on our platform. Clients have the freedom of shopping for these cosmetics. We do not handle payments and delivery for cosmetics.We have provided a messaging feature where the salon/shop and the client can chat and agree on the final price,mode of payment and delivery.

Discover styles

Salons upload styles for every service they provide. This enables clients to easily identify and like a service.

Find Discounts

Users get to explore discounts and offers for different services that are posted regularly by the salons.

Tips on grooming

We have a curated list of blogs and articles from many websites and magazines covering beauty and wellness. These articles offer tips and tricks for our clients to make them be better groomed

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